About Damien Coughlan

My name is Damien Coughlan, also known as The Irish Marketer.

My goal in life is to be free, make a positive and impactful contribution to society, while inspiring others to pursue the route of entrepreneurship.

I was born and raised in County Cork, Ireland on a family farm.

In my College years, I focused on marketing. I completed a masters in E-Commerce & Business. This laid the foundation and gave me an opportunity to work in corporate America.

I moved to the United States in 2012 to work for Apple in their headquarters in Silicon Valley. I learned a tremendous amount, with a particular focus on marketing, branding and customer satisfaction.

After many amazing years, I decided to pursue a personal goal of becoming an entrepreneur. I left Apple after 7 amazing years. My inspiration is Steve Jobs.

I have now created a seven-figure E-Commerce business, mentored hundreds of students and diversified into other revenue streams.

My goal is to travel the world, make a positive impact, and spread the word of entrepreneurship.

Please follow me on my journey, fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride.

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest" - Damien Coughlan

Teaching Entrepreneurs Around The World

Charity Matters


My charity of choice is “Darkness into Light” by Pieta House.

Our vision at Pieta House is to create a world where suicide, self-harm, and stigma have been replaced by hope, self-care, and acceptance.

“Darkness into Light” is vital for our fundraising, for raising awareness and for bringing people together as we do everything we can to bring about a suicide-free world.

Donating to Charity – 9 positive effects of giving to charity. Click here


“Our trainer Damien is a beast and challenges us to always push our personal boundaries to new heights. While working each week, Damien tailors our workouts to our individual needs.
Although the workouts are tough and take a lot of energy, mentally and physically, Damien makes them fun for us as well. Thanks for making workouts fun and keeping us on track!”

David Crane Fresh Honey Co

“Damien has taught me on numerous E-Commerce subjects. He is skilled, motivated and will do whatever it takes to ensure everyone is on track with their goals. He is one of the best mentors I know in the industry.”

Jason Nast E-Com Power Hour - Venture Capitalist - Island Owner

“Five Years at Apple is a significant milestone. When you came here, you signed up to accomplish truly great things. Since then, you have brought passion, creativity, and tenacity – simple because that’s what the pursuit of excellence requires. You have energized and inspired others through the standards that you set for yourself. And you have made the kind of impact that changes people’s lives. That is significant.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook www.apple.com

“When I met Damien for the first time in Bali, I knew he had a lot of potential. Fast forward to now, with tons of massive successful stores, and a passion to help and share with others. He is now one of the authorities in the ecommerce market, and has helped tons of people have massive success and I got a feeling that he’s just getting started. Watch out for The Irish Marketer. He’s going to be changing the game for a while.”

Don Wilson https://www.gearbubble.com

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