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Donating to Charity – 9 positive effects of giving to charity.

1. Every Contribution Helps

You don’t need to contribute thousands to make a difference. Next time you wake up from night out, put your coins into a jar and build that stash. Then at a time of joy, like Christmas, find that someone who needs it more than you. I was recently at a local mall in Arizona, and there was a 19 year old kid trying to sell organic soap in order to make some money. I gave him $10 for the soap and tipped him $5 extra for going above and beyond in trying to make a difference.

I gave him the money because he was genuinely trying! This kids face lit up when I gave him the money. I knew it was for real and had helped his day.

2. Experience More Pleasure

In research conducted by the National Institutes of Health2, participants who chose to donate a portion of $100 they were provided enjoyed activated pleasure centers in the brain. Although this experiment was controlled and scientific, it did show that donating money simply makes you feel better, which is something we can all benefit from.

I have definitely experienced more pleasure.

3. Help Others in Need

My apartment is located opposite a laundry shop in a pretty nice area of San Francisco. The laundry shop is a busy area where a lot of homeless come to wash their clothes. I met a homeless gentleman who I recognized from around the area. I used to see him in Safeway, and/or outside the gym, and it was clear he was homeless. He wasn’t an alcoholic or drug abuser. I became friends with him and now anytime I have clothes that I don’t need anymore, I simply put them in a black bag and next time I see him I give him the stash of clothes. It’s so funny, seeing him walk around in the coming days with my reeboks and gym hoodies on. I made a difference!

4. Get a Tax Deduction

If you give to an IRS-approved charity, you can write off donations on your tax return. Certain restrictions do apply, though. Donating your cash is a great way to reduce the amount of money you send off to Uncle Sam, and for a good cause, to boot.

5. Bring More Meaning to Your Life

When you donate money to charity, you create opportunities to meet new people who believe in the same causes that inspire you. I cannot stress this enough. You will meet the most interesting people. A lot of these people are the most genuine and highly sophisticated human beings. I have made friends and connections with some of the most successful people. I met a gentlemen who owns 5 successful companies at the “Friends of the Elderly” event in San Francisco 2 years ago. He now has become somewhat of a mentor to me.


6. Promote Generosity in Your Children

If you are good at or have a natural talent for something, chances are your kids will follow in your footsteps. Sport, profession, character etc. When your kids see you donating money, they’re much more likely to adopt a giving mindset as they grow up.

Mol an óige agus tiocfaidh sí “Praise youth and it will flourish.” (Irish proverb)

7. Motivate Friends and Family

When you let your friends and family know of your charitable donations, they may find themselves more motivated to undertake their own efforts to give. When you see friends posting to a charitable organization on their Facebook feed or through other platforms, you are also most likely to follow their example. This year, I used the Facebook platform to motivate people to donate to “Darkness Into Light” San Francisco.


8. Improve Personal Money Management

If you set aside money each year for donations, you will find yourself managing your money better.

9. Luck

The more you give, the more you get in return!

Yours Truly,